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Circle time
during this time we gather around to discuss what centers we'll be participating in, our free play activity for the day, any recent events, we also use this time to express any concerns we have and mainly as a getting to know eachother. 
Story time
activity is great we each have an opportunity to tell a story fiction or non-fiction and we play story game.  Story game where one person starts off the story and holds the stuffed animal and at my que gives it to the next person to continue the story and so on...
Daily activity is practicing our sight words and reading our phonics series books which promotes sight vocabulary, expression reading and phonetic sounds. Children read on their own with new words highlighted for extra practice.  We've also recently began our Read Naturally Program.  This program not only increases fluency but also enhances vocabulary and comprehension.
Description of art center for week
Continue rote counting, group counting for older group 2,5,10's.
Using marbles (objects) to represent amount of numbers while counting. We've started the math superstars' (kindergarten) program for the preschoolers.  Addition & Subtraction sheets using roll and dice sheets.
Discussing shapes and forms.  Using a rubber band and peg board to form different shapes.
Indoor/Outdoor Plan varies on the weather.  We mostly visit the neighborhood park, play catch & throw, jump rope, relay races, tag or take a long walk around the neighborhood.
Listen daily to music for relaxation and as an energy lifter.