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Welcome to our monthly issue of the "MagNewsimous Online Newsletter." 
This Newsletter is a full of educational activities,  learning adventures such as counting, shapes, alphabet, sight words, information on animals, online books and lots more...  This is just a sample of your child's educational adventures here at Magnanimous Kids Childcare/Preschool.  We've also included pictures of our daily activities throughout the days and monthly trips.  This newsletter is not only from myself,  but it's also from your kids.  We are proud to share our experiences here, at Magnanimous Kids,
Where we learn 2-gether, Grow 2-gether, Respect each-other's differences, Your family is our family, Here at Magnanimous Kids!!!
  Thank you and Enjoy.

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All About Animals Website
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Mamamedia Fun Site!
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Raz-Kids Online Reading
Sight Words w/Samson
Zoooos is a New Educational Interactive DVD Program that I recently purchased for the kids.
Starfall Reading & Phonics
Counting from 1-20
Number chart 1-100
Counting by 2's, 5's, 10's and 100's
Number Games
We are working on alphabet recognition, sounds and sight words daily. For more letter fun click on the link:
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Alana 4 yrs.
Jordan 3 yrs.