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Here at "Magnanimous Kids Childcare & Learning Center!!!"  Learning is an adventure waiting to be explored.  We've designed a curriculum geared towards stimulating your child's  sensory/motor skills through our Exploratory Curriculum. 

Our Program seeks to make learning fun and interesting by allowing children to excercise creativity while mastering key skills.  We emphasise on exploration and discovery.  The pre-school aged child tends to retain through active involvement; this would go in agreeance with our hands on learning curriculum.  Making it possible for children to develop problem-solving skills that will assist them on becoming life long learners.  Full of humor and surprise, the activities engage children allowing them the power of choice.  Our main goal is to introduce great learning habits, improve social skills and encourage creative expression.  I plan on utilizing a variety of materials to accomplish this goal.  I believe children should have fun!  Each child is encouraged to be independent, helpful, respectful, responsible, trustful, caring,  and show good citizenship. Each child learns to gain confidence, self discipline and positive self esteem. 


At Magnanimous Kids, we use active learning principles to stimulate learning in an entertaining and positive environment!"

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