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Magnanimous Kids has relocated to an Even BIGGER & BETTER Learning Center. We've been servicing the community and families from other areas for over 14 years. With an impeccable reputation for going above and beyond for our kids.  We are a multi-age facility that promotes individual and group style learning. By the completion of our full program (ELA, PreSchool & Kinder-Readiness Group) your child should have the confidence and skills to be a successful learner in Kindergarten. 


Our reading program if followed successfully both at home with school support has and continues to develop strong readers as early as age 3. 

We believe All Magnanimous Kids have unique talents and abilities that have yet to be discovered. We encourage children to reveal their strengths through socialization, creative play, technology resources, library, music, movement and theatrical play, gross motor, sciences and of course Art! Acting as a guide, we assist our students to become active participants in the learning process through “hands on” experiences and projects. Providing opportunities to learn through all modalities (visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic) and centered based learning allows many avenues of success for each child to learn independently and within a group of peers.     

Electronic Visual Media will only be used in a planned developmentally appropriate program with education, social, physical learning objectives with the schools computers and/or Media Screen.  All activities are supervised by MagKids staff members. 

    Learning           Center          Objectives...
  • To create a setting in which children find warmth, comfort and gentleness, as well as provide an abundance of opportunities for movement, exploration and self-discovery according to individual needs, interests, and abilities.    

  • To develop recreational skills while promoting lifelong appreciation for nature and our environment.

  • To assist each child to grow to his/her fullest potential and to expand our students' minds and bodies by nurturing and facilitating developmentally appropriate experiences.

  • To help children achieve independence, self-discipline, social competence, self-knowledge, enthusiasm for learning, positive attitudes, intellectual growth and an organized approach to problem solving.

  • To assist parents in understanding the developmental stages of their child and to work together to enrich each child’s growth and potential.        

In The


Now OFFERING Tutoring

Our tutoring program offers skills reinforcement in reading, math, and writing Pre-School-8th grade. We also have an Accelerated Program for our "Get ahead team!" 


Academic Tutoring Camp will be offered for extended hours during the summer months. Hours Mon, Wed, Fri

6:30-8:30 pm and Saturdays 10-2 pm. Sessions must be Reserved!!   

June,  2018



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